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a guide to seo in valencia from chrisp design

SEO: How To Rank In The City

SEO: Competing in the city? A 2019 guide to ranking in the city Are you wanting to grow your business? Are you wanting to target larger cities and potentially bigger prospects? Well, potential customers in these cities need to be able to find you as well. Local SEO is a fantastic way to optimise your…

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chrisp design valencia web design guide

Web Design: A Guide To Speed

2019 Guide to a Speedy Site 4 Fast Tips To Speed Up Your Site Your Website is the first impression you make and first impressions are vital. The speed of your website is essential, the digital world is impatient and according to the statistics, more than half of us will leave a site if it…

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guide to local seo from chrisp design

Local SEO: The Complete Guide

Complete guide to Local SEO Ranking you number 1 in your area Competition for customers is at an all time high and that goes for everyone. Whether you’re based in a big City or if you’re the local town Coffee Shop owner, One factor remains the same, customers will more often than not look for…

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a guide to backlinks from chris design

SEO: Breaking down backlinks

Backlinks: An expert guide Helping your push for the first page We all should take pride in our website and we should all want to show it off. One of the best places for your site to be discovered is through search engines, but competition is rife. Customers want results instantly, they don’t want to…

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guide to facebook ads from chrisp design

Facebook Advertising: The Ultimate Guide

Facebook Ads: Find your perfect customer Reaching your Target Market with the click of a button Facebook is due to make over $4 billion in revenue this year just from advertising. This figure alone shows you the scale of Facebook Ads and how successful they can be when executed correctly. I want to help you…

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the best lead generation company chrisp design

Lead Gen: The final piece of the puzzle

All about Lead Gen Interested in generating rich client data whilst you’re sleeping! Your website is the home of your brand, a place to show off and inform potential customers of everything they need to know when it comes to your product. You spend countless hours creating expert marketing campaigns through different platforms in the…

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web design information blog from chrisp design

Putting the FUN in a FUNctional WEBSITE

design or usability? Don’t be all style over substance, your website has to be functional too! In this modern, tech-dependent world a countless number of sectors and industries are highly competitive and feel almost saturated. The same goes for their websites. We are in an era where a website is essential for every aspect of…

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My Opinion on Social Media

What I Think About Social Media for Businesses From the beginning of civilization, new forms of communication have had a significant impact on people’s way of life. Of course, when they first appear, the impact and the effect of said innovations are poorly understood. Social Media has come a long way in the last 20…

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4 Top Twips so you’re Tweeting correctly

Feeling UNDERWHELMED by your business TWITTER account? An important tip is to make sure you’re TWEETING TOP CONTENT If you want to grow your Twitter following you need to put out quality content regularly. Twitter is a beast when it comes to content and you need to feed it. Make sure this is content from…

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facebook social media cyber monday deal chrisp design

Cyber Monday: Social Media Deal

~Best Social Media Deal 50% off today only for your Social Media Marketing on Facebook Cutting to the chase, this is a great deal, 1) if you are unsure on how social media will work for your business and you want to dip your toe in… 2) you’ve been following our emails tips on social…

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