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The final piece of the puzzle.

All about Lead Gen

Generating rich client data whilst you’re sleeping!

Your website is the home of your brand, a place to show off and inform potential customers of everything they need to know when it comes to your product. You spend countless hours creating expert marketing campaigns through different platforms in the digital world and these campaigns all have one thing in mind…directing traffic to your website! What happens when you have visitors to your website who browse your products and then leave? There are no missed calls for you to return and no customer details left at the reception. All of the time you have spent to get them to your site and they’ve vanished before you have even had the chance to engage.

This is where modern-day Lead Generation comes into fruition. Why not allow your website to gather data for you of who has been on your website? What service are they interested in? How can you contact them?

After all of the effort you put into sending traffic to your website, is it not time for the hub of your brand to return the favour and provide you with a list of filtered leads, from the hottest of the hot to the coldest of the cold? This enables you to determine where is best to focus your selling energy. NO MORE DEAD LEADS!

I have created below some quick steps to follow to keep you ahead of your competition:

The 5 stages of Lead Generation


Create and produce content that is directed to your target market. Use a mixture of videos, articles, blogs and images, but always have the end goal in mind. You want to convert the visitor into a customer so your content needs to be intriguing and appealing and puts you in pole position for their potential sale.


Be proud of your content. There is no point in having tailored online campaigns (lead generation Facebook ads, for example) if they won’t reach the eyes of your target market. Exhaust every avenue possible, share your content across all of your Social Media platforms and make sure it will be found when searched for with expertly thought out SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) methods. Most importantly, have links to your website and other ‘calls to action’ easily accessible throughout your posts.

Lead Gen with Chrisp Design

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The golden gem of the whole process, the piece of the puzzle that makes it all worthwhile. Now, these potential customers are on your website, you can’t stop there! You now need to capture this data which then converts these visitors into leads and you’re ready for the next step.


This is the interesting bit and vital to any business. It lets you see what pages and products are most popular with the public, what individual people are interested in and whether a lead is warm or cold. All of this information helps you to prioritise your leads and plot the perfect sales pitch, leaving you in the optimum position to convert.


This is what it all comes down to, how to convert your leads. Use all the information and data gathered to delegate different leads to the relevant people and ensure you’re making the most of the warmest leads. Make sure you are on the ball, warm leads can go cold and it is best to strike whilst the lead is hot. Strategise your own plan of approach and execute it.

At Chrisp Design, we ensure that the visitors on your website turn into leads. We identify the hottest leads to make sure you have the best-suited people on the job. We discover exactly what your customer is looking for, inform your sales team, leaving you to do what you do best…CLOSE THE SALE.