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It’s time, isn’t it? Your website built three years ago, by a friends cousin for free, is showing its age. It has out of date information, your embarrassed to show clients and no one can find you on google.

It’s time for change!

Planning a new website design for any business can be daunting. It isn’t one size fits all and there are several content areas you should include to ensure it is an effective marketing tool.

Contact Information
Simple, but a lot of websites are missing this basic information. Include a click to call button, direct email link to ensure clients can contact you easily.

A Blog
Quality content is key. If you are considering any online marketing efforts, begin with a blog. To get the most from your blog ensure it is an additional page to your website not ran through a separate URL. The benefits of a blog include; SEO, Sharable content directly to Social Media, a way to establish your company and connect with clients.

Search Engine Optimisation
The customers who know your business name, can find you. By optimising your site, people will begin to find you via Search Engines. Ranking your website higher on Google.

Potential customers need to trust you before they work with you. Use your website to build up your creditability, share expertise and customer experiences. Real endorsements, with real comments.

Photos & Videos
People like to see pictures. They like to see what you are doing. Use your website to display before and after photographs. If you don’t have a portfolio, start now. If your business is something less tangible show pictures of your friendly staff, business premises etc. Better yet, include video. Using video on your website will help you rank better in Google, showcase your brand personality, Stand out from competition and demonstrate your products effectively.

Social Media Accounts
If you’re not active on Social Media, you’re missing out. Display Social accounts so clients can contact you, chat to you and get the know the company. To find out why to go social, view our last blog post…

No time like the present…
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Posted on July 13, 2016 in Search Engine Optimisation, Social Media, Website Design, Websites

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