Why social media?

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There’s a lot of talk out there about Social Media. Some say its the best marketing venue others say it’s a nightmare.

Personally the team at CHRISP DESIGN deem Social Media an outstanding power platform when utilized correctly.

Most business owners are aware of Social Media, but don’t understand what it can achieve for them. Truth be told, its a necessity for every business.

Let’s discuss why;

It’s where people are
Your clients/customers use social networks to congregate with friends and family, read the news etc. Social platform give the opportunity to find out more about topics and see things they wouldn’t in real life. It offers a place to meet people, network and build relationships. Without an online presence, there won’t be an opportunity to talk to them. It’s vital to get to know your target audience. You can’t be successful without knowing where your consumer is. You have to jump in, and start.

Tell them you are there
If you arent involved in Social Media, you are allowing people to make generalizations about your company, its values etc.That’s not what we want. Think about this, a customer has a bad experience with your business. They tell everyone they know online about it. You’r non the wiser unless your online, observing and interacting with your customers. Successful social marketing is getting out there and writing your own story before someone else has the chance to write it for you.

Promotion platform
Let’s face it, your business needs to make more. You want more sales and increased revenue. Social Media is the perfect way to do that. You can promote your services, products, features, special offers etc. Successful social marketing builds a thriving community of people who love your product/service. There are so many creative ways to construct promotions. You can incorporate a variety of techniques to ensure your promotion stands out from the crowd including photographs, videos. Not only is Social Media fun, it can also help you earn money.

More for less
Social Media allows you to reach a lot of people in a short amount of time. Magazines are dated. Social Media is the market leader, it allows us to reach thousands of people with one message, promote products to hundreds of thousands with the click of a button. Successful campaigns let us reach large amounts of people without having the leave home.

It’s the future
If your stood with your hands over your eyes hoping social marketing will pass us by – its time to wake up. Social media is here to stay for the long haul. It’s going to be the make or break for your business. Don’t let your business drag behind, get social.

Here at CHRISP DESIGN we offer bespoke Social Media packages tailored to fit your business requirements.
Starting from as little as 49pm, we can create a campaign to trump your competition.

For more information contact Amy

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