Local SEO: Why City Pages Are Essential For 2020

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Rank In Multiple Locations?

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If your company serves just one local location, then optimising your website for local searches can be relatively straightforward as you have one goal in mind. You can submit your business to Google My Business and then ensure that the page you are ranking has been optimised for local seo.

To rank in Google and other search engines for multiple locations that you are targeting is a more complicated process. A key technique to combat these complications involves creating city pages. These are web pages within your website that are created and dedicated to specific locations around the world that you serve. City pages are now essential, 50 percent of all Google searches have local intent and improving your SEO for each location is now crucial if you are relying on a percentage of that local search traffic.

Why City Pages?

City Pages are a powerful way to connect with new customers from surrounding cities and markets around your main location. They open up a new audience for your product or service and by having these dedicated pages you will be able to be seen by these potential new customers. For example, we are a number 1 Digital Marketing Agency based in Javea, Spain and we rank in search engines for local key terms accordingly. By having a city page aimed at targeting Valencia, we can now rank our website and promote our services for local searches around the city and be found by a whole new market, you can see our city page here, seo valencia.

Can City Pages Harm Your SEO?

When Google updated its Panda algorithm in 2018 they aimed to penalise poor content techniques with the main culprits being those posting duplicate content. It also punished those using city pages and that is for one reason, people were lazy and tried to cut corners. No longer can you just create one template and then duplicate for multiple areas changing a few words and locations along the way. Every city page must offer something unique to visitors and search engine crawlers. Following these guidelines and always provide fresh, interactive and unique content for every page you create, you will avoid online penalties.

Benefits Of A City Page

Offer value to the reader and have pride in the content that you are sharing. Research the area that you are targeting and when you get it right, the benefits can be endless. By highlighting different solutions to consumers from each location, you can expect to boost the ranking of your website and attract more localised web traffic. By making these pages easy to navigate throughout the rest of your website through calls-to-action and internal links, you are optimising your site for local seo in multiple locations and eliminating the costs of having to purchase and maintain separate domains.

Be sure to keep your page fresh and regularly updated with high-quality content too. Regularly updating city page content can boost search rankings and attract new customers to your website. Ensure you include location-specific keywords and phrases in any new content that you publish.

Quality Over Quantity

Take some time to think about how many locations you want to target as this amount will determine how many separate city pages you will need. Choose carefully as having too many dedicated pages may be hard to maintain and if all pages aren’t unique and of high quality, it may reduce your ability to rank highly in search engines. At Chrisp Design, we focus our time and energy to researching your market and targeting the most significant cities and those that will provide you with the highest conversion rate for new business.

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