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Facebook advertising: The ultimate guide.

Find your perfect customer

Reaching your Target Market with the click of a button

Facebook is due to make over $4 billion in revenue this year just from advertising. This figure alone shows you the scale of Facebook Ads and how successful they can be when executed correctly. I want to help you get a piece of the pie.

In this article i’ll be sharing 5 essential factors to consider when creating a killer Facebook Ad campaign. These will not only provide a high click rate on your Ads but they will make sure your advertisements are targeted at the correct audience, leaving you in the best position possible to turn these clicks into sales.

Who are you trying to target?

High volume numbers look great on your reports but they don’t tell the whole story. Facebook Advertising isn’t about reaching the most people, it’s about reaching the right people. One of the key stages to your campaign is ‘creating your audience’. You need to reach and appeal to people that are open to your brand and curious about your content. More often than not, this won’t be a huge number but don’t worry, a refined audience is a perfect audience. Facebook allows you to select your demographic, this covers factors like, where you want your Ad to be shown, the age range of your selected audience and their online search habits. By selecting the ‘Browse’ option you can delve even further, the detail in this section offers you everything you need to have your demographic as finely tuned as you want, helping you find your perfect customer.

Your Ad Image

One of the most important parts of your Facebook Advertisement is your chosen image. The image is the scroll stopper, you can have some of the most brilliantly written and informative text in your Ad but if your image doesn’t match then your audience is less likely to see it. Create high-quality images that catches the eye and follow Facebook’s image guideline of 1080 x 1080 pixels to ensure premium image quality. Use unique photos and put your personality into them by editing, cropping and using filters – make your own style.

Top Tip

Brand the image with your company logo. It gives the professional vibe and builds trust with the consumer. This also helps to prevent your image being stolen and even if it is, at least your branding will be on it! more on social media

The Written Content

Now your image has caught the consumers eye, it’s now time to inform the potential customers of what you are advertising through your ad text. Short and sweet yet informative is the way to go, people want as much information as possible, as quickly as possible and with as little effort as possible!

Emojis are a great way to keep your text looking aesthetically pleasing and fun. Creativity is key! Draw your customers in with an attention-grabbing headline and ask questions to get your audience thinking. Most importantly, sell your product! Your ad will have a 90 body character text limit but that doesn’t stop you from being able to describe the main benefit of using your product and get your viewer hooked.

Your Facebook Ad needs to have a ‘call to action’ on it, this can be a button that links your reader through to your website with minimal effort, all with the aim to make the customer journey as effortless as you can.

Track Performance

Once you have made your Facebook Ad live, you are able to monitor and edit your campaign in real time. This allows you to keep up to date with your ads performance and make adjustments depending on your findings. For example, if you were disappointed with the amount of clicks your advertisement was receiving, it may be worth changing your ‘call to action’, adjusting the size of the button or even where it is situated to make it more prominent. As much as it can be tempting to run a campaign and review it when it ends, tracking its performance allows you to amend your ad if it isn’t resonating with your audience.

For the right business and planned correctly, Facebook Ads are a fantastic marketing tool. After researching into what suits your company best, you’ll be ready to generate traffic and conversations from the world’s largest social network platform.

At Chrisp Design, we strategically research, plan and execute our Facebook Ad campaigns for you, tailored for each individual. We edit and design our images so they are unique for your ad campaign.

At the end of the day, we deliver results, build engagement and brand loyalty, whilst developing your audience into brand ambassadors. Ready to reach the perfect potential customers from all over the world?