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~Best Social Media Deal

50% off today only for your Social Media Marketing on Facebook

Cutting to the chase, this is a great deal, 1) if you are unsure on how social media will work for your business and you want to dip your toe in… 2) you’ve been following our emails tips on social media and its time to really drive clients to your business and build trust in the local areas.

See more about our social media packages here: Social Media


Local Social Media and what we are offering

➡️ 10 Monthly Posts – Product, Trust, Tips, Offers
➡️ 10 Creative images designed with posts
➡️ Hashtag relevancy to attract more traffic
➡️ Url to drive traffic to your website or contact you

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Posted on November 26, 2018 in Social Media

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Hey, Shaun here, lead creative designer at Chrisp Design. My aim is to bring you fresh content, rad designs and marketing techniques that will help you generate consumer attention crushing your competition. Stay tuned, theres a lot more to come.

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