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AMP accelerated mobile pages for chrisp design website

Accelerated Mobile Pages

Yes, it’s new, yes a little confusing, but preparing for the future NOW is what will benefit your website in years to come. Google has been pushing this new concept called Accelerated Mobile Pages, also shortened to AMP and is aimed to be one of the top search engine ranking indicators!

Keeping it short and sweet

The two plugins you need are “AMP” and “Glue for Yoast AMP“.

AMP Plugin

Glue for Yoast Plugin

Both have subtle features that add the /amp slug to all your web content pages. With the Yoast plugin you can tailor the look of the pages a little further adding colours to headings and backgrounds etc.

Give it a week and test your site in the Google Search Console AMP section.

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Posted on June 27, 2017 in Mobile Responsive Websites

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