4 Ways To Reignite The Flame…?

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Peter recently started an exciting new career as an account coordinator at an award-winning agency. Everything about the new position excited him, from working with new clients to collaborating with fellow creatives. The future was looking bright.

Fast forward one year…⏩⏩

Peter’s first year with the agency was successful. Unfortunately, the enthusiasm when he first started has since faded. He’s grown comfortable in his position. What used to excite him is now just another item on his to-do list.

With three in four employees open to or actively looking for new job opportunities, it’s imperative that employers seek to reignite the flame with burned out employees such as Peter.

Here are four simple ways to bring back that new hire enthusiasm:


1. Get employees involved in the vision.

Everything employees do stems from the company vision — where the company is going and how they’re going to get there. This is why vision statements should inspire, motivate and align employees.

Inviting employee input when setting company-wide goals ensures that employees will really buy into them. Not only will they clearly understand the goals, but they’ll be able to set and align their own goals with those of the company. Being able to connect work to results will make for an enthused workforce.


2. Switch up the office environment.

Having a fun work environment isn’t just for kicks — it affects everything from employee engagement to satisfaction to productivity. Whether you opt for a new coat of paint (you’d be surprised how well that works), or bring in some new office furniture.


3. Hold a friendly competition.

A little competition never hurt anyone. When it comes to the workplace, competition could be the key to reigniting new hire enthusiasm in long-time employees. Friendly competitions between coworkers are a great way to get employees’ creative juices flowing and a surefire way to bring excitement back into the workplace.


4. Offer the ultimate incentive.

There are a number of ways to reward employees for a job well done. When it comes to workplace incentives, what employees really want is an opportunity to grow and advance within their role and the organisation. Knowing that there’s a potential to climb the company ladder is both exciting and encouraging to long-time employees, as it provides something more for employees to work toward.

What are some other ways you can get employees excited about work?
Feel free to share your tips with us

Posted on November 14, 2016 in Entertainement, Mobile Responsive Websites, Search Engine Optimisation, Social Media

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