Social Media

4 top twips so youre tweeting correctly.

Underwhelmed by your business Twitter account?

Are you tweeting top content?

If you want to grow your Twitter following you need to put out quality content regularly. Twitter is a beast when it comes to content and you need to feed it. Make sure this is content from the source, fresh and original as this is more likely to be shared on the platform!

Our second tip is about ENGAGEMENT

Receiving ‘likes’ and ‘retweets’ releases endorphins! People love engagement, so get out there and start ‘retweeting’, ‘favouriting’ and replying. But do it in a memorable way. Also, follow those in your industry that are at roughly the same level as you in terms of following numbers, they’re more likely to follow you back and engage with you, this is what social media is all about!

TIMING your Tweets

You’ll typically see most engagements on tweets sent out on weekdays, during early afternoons and late afternoons, this tends to coincide with users on their lunch breaks and commute home from work, this can vary depending on your target market. But the general rule of thumb is to time your tweets to perfection, you don’t want to be tweeting whilst your audience is sleeping!


A Twitter feed can be a competitive place and whilst there is nothing wrong with text based tweets, a great way to pause a serial scroller is to accompany your informative tweets with a relevant yet aesthetically pleasing image.


Here at we are well aware that Twitter is a great place to promote your business. Yet, it can be demanding and time consuming to manage and utilise whilst running your own company.

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